Abe Vigoda tease us with a new track ahead of AWESOME 3rd album!

Those who clocked Abe Vigoda’s transition from 2006’s debut Kid City to 2008’s startling tropical-punk “Skeleton” should know the LA quartet aren’t ones for repeating themselves. To Skeleton’s hot-hot-hot template, they now add glassy shards of ‘cold wave’ pop, with synthesisers, sequencers and altogether broodier beats. Scorching temperatures, icy currents… CRUSH is a thermal column of vertiginous brilliance!

But let’s not get bogged down in categories. Just as Skeleton was difficult to define “Crush” is a similar collision of sound, another helter-skelter joy ride through four boys’ private party. Even so, there was a thought process behind this new surge. In 2009 Dane Chadwick replaced drummer Reggie Guerro, introducing a new style of regimented beats as well as other musical ideas to the table. “More than just rhythmically, Dane helped with melodies and most of the electronics on the album,” says vocalist Michael Vidal.

Meanwhile, guitarist Juan Velasquez had already posted the fact he dug UK dreampop and goth. To which Vidal adds, “My favourite kind of music is instantly nostalgic and emotionally confusing. And reverb has always been a big part of our sound. We were definitely inspired by cold wave and minimal wave stuff, as well as Arthur Russell.”

From the pell-mell pop of ‘Sequins’ to the New Romantic crush of ‘Throwing Shade’ and the title track’s MBV scree, “Crush” feels a long way from the Smell Club band scene of AV’s roots. For one, they’ve added so much emotion to their sonics, to which the album title bears testament – crush meaning both the infatuation kind of love and the act of destroying something… “Crush” is released 20th September on Bella Union… Check out new track “Throwing Shade” below

Download ‘THROWING SHADE’ <http://rcpt.yousendit.com/903536913/d6ff3ff857b622f56980e211e2c0fda1>

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Abe Vigoda’s UK & Irish debut, “Skeleton”, was released in Oct 2008 to great acclaim:

“Skeleton’s bustling rhythms are threaded with highlife guitars, chiming out writhing, hypnotic melodies, cutting a joyous calypso… A more charming and seductive album you’re unlikely to hear this year”
MOJO – 4 Stars ****

“Steeped in the sounds of Afrobeat, Tropicalia and Caribbean pop, Skeleton romps along at a joyful gait peppered with breathless harmonies and squalls of noise”
Uncut – 4 Stars ****

“Abe Vigoda are four LA kids who shunt their scratchy punk full of irresistible tropicalia rhythms and can’t stop going on about all the great fun they’re having.”
Vice – 10/10 (Album of the Month)

“It’s a bold, brash listen, and with a manic 14 songs in just over half an hour, it goes straight for the jugular”
NME – 8/10

“carnivale rhythms and breakneck pace… With spots of sunny calypso bursting out of the ethereal syncopations, it’s a thing of dizzying beauty”
Metro – 4 Stars ****

“Abe Vigoda are a tremendously energetic proposition, almost cartoonish in their musical execution and very, very entertaining on record”
The Fly – 4 Stars ****

“An exciting, unique record”
Artrocker – 4 Stars ****

“Abe Vigoda sound ready to be heard everywhere all at once… Skeleton finds the band expanding on and beautifying a sound very much their own: lush, tropical punk that’s swallowed as many strains of sound as the images it conjures”
Pitchfork – 8.3/10


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