You Say Party! We Say Die! New Album ‘XXXX’ on Paper Bag Records, 17th May, Academy 2 Date, June 5th

Having reinvented themselves with a spirited style of New-Wave, and a new depth of material, Canada’s You Say Party! We Say Die! (aka YSP! WSD!) return with their third album, XXXX, released in the UK & Ireland by Paper Bag Records on May 17th.

With XXXX, the band has embraced disco inspired soul and soaring choruses while remaining faithful to their original sound, which caused critics and fans around the globe to embrace their first two albums, Hit the Floor! (2005) and Lose All Time (2007).

This third album not only proves the band’s ability to evolve and adapt musically, it also reveals their knack for producing a collection of dance floor fillers that satisfy the mind as much as the feet.

The overwhelming temptation to move your feet to the infectiously catchy pop-punk of ‘Glory’ is undeniable, while the haunting organs and guitar riffs of ‘Lonely’s Lunch’, underscore the sinister tone of Becky Ninkovic’s vocals that are delivered with immense melancholic power. The sliding synths and heartfelt harmonies of ‘Laura Palmer’s Prom’, and the ethereal beauty of the album’s final track ‘Heart of Gold’ are other stand out moments on the album.

YSP! WSD! furiously toured throughout Canada and Europe following the release of their first two albums, bringing their riotous dance-punk party tunes to thousands of fans. However it was a trip to China and Japan in spring 2008 that really brought the band together, as time in Asia inspired them not only to develop their style but also enlightened them with the idea that, “the loving is the everything” – the key theme to XXXX.

Collaborating with producer Howard Redekopp (Tegan And Sara, The New Pornographers), XXXX was recorded during 2009, and is their most intensive effort to date.

YSP! WSD! are set to embark on yet another mammoth global tour, starting in the USA and gracing the Academy 2 in Dublin on June 5th.

Tracks: There is XXXX (Within my Heart) / Glory / Dark Days / Cosmic Wanship / Lonely’s Lunch / Make XXXX / Laura Palmer’s Prom / She’s Spoken For / XXXX/Loyalty / Heart of Gold

Band: Becky Ninkovic – voice 
Krista Loewen – keys 
Stephen O’Shea – bass 
Derek Adam – guitar 
Devon Clifford – drums


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