The Futureheads, New Album, ‘The Chaos’, April 19th

The Futureheads make their return with a bold new sound at a time of uncertainty and confusion for their country and beyond. As the public face collective decisions over their future with very little clarity or guidance, The Futureheads bravely promise renewed hope.

The Chaos is the band’s fourth album, and arguably their most riotous to date. Following high-profile support slots with The Pixies and Foo Fighters, this four-piece from Sunderland have taken heed of these rock heavyweights and written songs that rip through walls with the scale and sheer force of their delivery. Remaining fiercely loyal to their Mackem roots, the new album was recorded over a series of sessions with long-standing friend David Brewis (Field Music), and renowned producer Youth.

Seven years on since the release of their earliest recordings, The Futureheads have long since outgrown scenes, shed immediate ties with their post-punk and new wave influences, and outlived many of their peers as a real British favourite both on record and live. Having originally met at college and made use of a local youth development project building to write their first songs, The Futureheads have always made the most of what they have around them. This time around it is the present state of the nation that has acted as the primary source of inspiration.

Reacting to the confusion around them and tackling it head-on, The Chaos refuses to compromise. If punk was all about DIY ethics, anti-authoritarian ideologies, and working with whatever is available and to hand, then The Futureheads are a punk band. Released through their own independent label, The Chaos is the band’s latest manifesto wrapped up in three-minute, heads-down, pop-informed songcraft.
New single Heartbeat Song is currently dominating the British radio airwaves, and The Chaos is crammed with a slew of songs equally as direct and frenzied. Combining the band’s trademark four-part harmonies with a harder-edged punk delivery, The Futureheads spit out assured melodies, with the wisdom of a band that have noticeably hardened since their inception in 2003…..Their country needs leading. The Futureheads are ready to lead. ‘The Chaos’ is released on April 26th.


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