THE ACORN return in June 2010 with “NO GHOST”, their new album on Bella Union records

THE ACORN return in June 2010 with “No Ghost”, the much-anticipated follow-up to their UK debut, “Glory Hope Mountain”, which was released to great acclaim in autumn 2008.

In summer 09 the band isolated themselves at a cottage in Northern Quebec to begin work on what was to become “No Ghost”. Songs took shape at all hours, crafted from hazy late-night improvisations and early morning melodies pulled from the thinning threads of sleep. Modernity clashed with the bucolic via exploratory percussion, feedback, acoustic textures and the natural surrounding sounds. The band then traded trees for telephone poles to finish recording in a sweltering heatwave at Montreal’s Treatment Room Studios.

Free from the emotional weightiness of Glory Hope Mountain’s highly personal material, No Ghost showcases the levity and spontaneity of The Acorn’s celebrated live shows, all the while highlighting Rolf Klausener’s literate and vivid lyrics. Swathed in Talk Talk-esque spaciousness and atmospheric feedback reminiscent of early Yo La Tengo, “No Ghost” is a dazzling collection and a fitting soundtrack to both the tranquillity of the country, and the romance of city nights.

Since the release of “Glory Hope Mountain”, the Ottawa-based band have toured Europe and North America extensively and been selected for the long-list of both the Polaris Music Prize and the Uncut Music Award. Greatly respected by their peers, The Acorn embarked on a number of high-profile support tours in early 2009 with the likes of Fleet Foxes, Calexico, Bon Iver and Elbow, after Guy Garvey named “Glory Hope Mountain” his favourite album on 2008.

“No Ghost” is released 7th June on Bella Union records…

Critical acclaim for “Glory Hope Mountain” by The Acorn…

“One for fans of Sufjan Stevens and Midlake… delicately arranged keys and strings evoke a dense and dramatic landscape… A magnificently touching achievement.”

Time Out – 4 Stars ****

“A beautiful, delicately constructed album, its simple unhurried melodies carry the flickering narrative, swaying between the charming, low-key folk balladry of opener ‘Hold Your Breath’ to the pitter-patter percussions and West Indian rhythms of ‘Crooked Legs’.”

NME – 7/10

“powerfully poetic and mercifully unsentimental”

Uncut – 4 Stars **** (Debut of the Month)

“A bewitching debut… an evocative mishmash of weird folk, meditative Americana and something joyous, sweet and unidentifiably tribal.”

MOJO – 4 Stars ****

“A rare instant classic that captivates from its opening notes… Glory Hope Mountain gently meanders through a constantly shifting landscape, its melodies, multi-instrumentation and sweeping climaxes reminiscent of Bon Iver or a mellow Arcade Fire.”

Sunday Express – 5 Stars *****

“folky, eclectic and uplifting album, sliding neatly next to Sufjan Stevens.”

Sunday Times – 4 Stars ****

“…folk and Americana sounds exult in rhythmic bustles of energised percussion. “Flood” sounds like Naked-era Talking Heads but with sufficient freshness to distinguish; by the time of “Lullaby”, you feel you’ve taken a joyous trip.”

The Independent – 4 Stars ****

“Songs are largely led by Klausener’s soft vocal murmurs and acoustic guitar but more often than not an array of ukuleles, tribal-like percussion and other organic sounding instruments bring the songs to heart-rending climaxes.

Clash – 4 Stars ****

“this is an atmospheric album that nods to fellow countrymen Arcade Fire and nu-folk sensations Fleet Foxes… from this Acorn, mighty oaks will grow.”

The Sun – 4 Stars ****

“there’s a rhythmic adventurousness to match their lyrical ambition… Glory Hope Mountain is lit up with flashes of real brilliance.”

Observer Music Monthly – 4 Stars ****

“playing it on a long car journey I found myself soothed and enraptured. It’s very understated, in a Sufjan Stevens / Fleet Foxes way, with a dreamy, otherworldly feel”

Sunday Telegraph – 4 Stars ****


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