Patrick Kelleher announces a new remix album and live dates

Patrick Kelleher releases a new remix album, ‘You Look Colder – Remixes’ on 16th April 2010 via Osaka Records. This 13 track remix album contains a diverse range of musicians operating in the Irish underground giving us their own unique take on each of Patrick’s tracks.

We kick off with the frantic dance-punk rush of Skinny Wolves. Next up is Thread Pulls and their singular bass guitar and drum post-punk vision. Catscars delivers a beautiful, atmospheric track and Toymonger give us their take on the glitchy digital sound. The mysterious Hunter-Gatherer executes a brooding, haunting remix. Next up is a reinvented David Kitt with a shimmering dance track. Jape’s remix complete with motorik rhythms and breakdowns shows us how a song can be deconstructed and given a completely new lease of life. Fucktotem arrives with a singular noisy rendition and Hulk shows us what a master he is with his orchestral peaks and troughs.

The Booklovers lighten the mood with a whimsical drum-machine laden run through. Legion of Two slow things down with their unique slowcore dubstep dirge. School Tour present their bright drone journey and Katie Kim finishes things off with her playful mood piece.

– The launch for this remix CD ‘You Look Colder – Remixes’ is April 16th, 2010 in Whelan’s (upstairs).

– Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands w/Channel One Button Factory, Dublin, March 19th 2010.

– Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands w/Jimmy Cake, Whelan’s (upstairs), Dublin, March 20th 2010.

Patrick Kelleher is a 26 year-old musician based in Dublin. His music varies from brooding, tense electronica to jaunty acoustica to 8-bit dance-floor ditties to evocative, experimental pop but always with a twist of something ethereal or idiosyncratic. His songs are often premised on a mixture of live instrumentation, drummachines, cheapo voice-sampling Yamaha keyboards and vocals that are, at times, heavily distorted.

Reviews for ‘You Look Cold’ by Patrick Kelleher

“(8/10)” – NME

“(4/5)” – Daily Star

“(8/10)” – Drowned in Sound

“These are Great Songs” (4/5) – Totally Dublin

“An exquisite collection” (4/5) – Irish Independent

“A phenomenally accomplished Creation” (4/5) – Sunday Tribune

“(7/10)” – AU (Alternative Ulster)

“Strange but wonderful” (4/5) – Metro

“Exciting, disturbing and generally splendid” (4/5) – Subba Cultcha

“A beautifully flawed, yet otherworldly standout” (4/5) –

“A record of beautiful organic-sounding electro-folk” (4/5) – Hot Press



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