Peggy Sue announce new album on Wichita Recordings

For the past 18 months Peggy Sue have been happily and successfully booking their own sell-out shows, writing and recording their own records: a collection of sought-after, but sold-out, EPs and building a fanbase the envy of their contemporaries.

Through old-fashioned hard work and by embracing new technology Peggy Sue had unintentionally pioneered a new business model in a now fractured music industry.  The band were not looking for a traditional record deal but having seen their sold out ICA show in November 2009, Wichita Recordings stepped in and made an offer. The label had long been fans of the band and the band were big fans of the label. Consequently, the deal was signed in December and, not ones to waste time, Peggy Sue’s debut album will be released in April this year.

“Fossils was recorded over a year in Brooklyn, Brighton and London. It is made up of entirely unreleased material because we wanted it to exist as a whole in the way that our favourite albums do rather than being a collection of songs. Most of the album is about endings in one way or another, the title refers to both the absences and remnants of those endings and the empty spaces in the artwork reflect this theme. It was created by Benjamin Phillips whose path we crossed a couple of years ago whilst we were all living in Brighton, he has been making artwork for us ever since.” Katy Young

The band recorded the album with Alex Newport (Two Gallants), John Askew (The Dodos), Steve Ansell (of Blood Red Shoes) and Ben Lovett (of Mumford & Sons).

Blessed with two songwriters in Rosa and Katy and with the addition of drummer, Olly Joyce, early last year, Peggy Sue have been working hard to further develop their unique sound whilst playing shows with Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling and The Maccabees amongst others.

The brooding, rhythmic kiss-off that is “Watchman” will be their first single on Wichita, released March 22nd. They precede the single with a run of dates supporting Local Natives around the UK. The band also play a headline show at The Garage in London at the end of March. There is a special “ticket & album” deal for this show which allows fans to get the album at the gig, ahead of the official release date and at a very cheap price.

The album, “Fossils and Other Phantoms”  is released on April 5th.


Long Division Blues

Yo Mama

I Read It In The Paper

Green Grow The Rushes


She Called

Careless Talk Costs Lives

The Remainder


February Snow


The Shape We Made


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