NADA SURF to release covers album “If I HAD A HI-FI” in May… listen to a track here..

NADA SURF bring their trademark sense of harmony and musical craftsmanship to twelve of their favourite songs with their new release – “IF I HAD A HI-FI” – their first album of covers, released via the band’s own label: Mardev records… Only a group with their wide-ranging and eclectic taste could bring songs from artists such as Kate Bush, Dwight Twilley and the Go-Betweens together into a coherent, intelligent record. Hi-fi also includes some intriguingly obscure numbers such as Bill Fox’s power-pop “Electrocution”, you can listen to a stream here…

Although a great deal of thought went into the song selections, the band’s intent was not to make an overarching musical statement. The results are both casual and inspired… A vintage Moody Blues tune, the proto-prog tempo-shifting “Question,” shares space with The Soft Pack’s blissfully rudimentary “Bright Side,” Depeche Mode’s grand “Enjoy the Silence,” and experimental music icon Arthur Russell’s terse but sweet “Janine.” They’re particularly proud of the title, which is both a call-back to the musical platform of their youth and a palindrome.

“If I Had A Hi-Fi” was recorded over three weeks last September at Resonate Studios in Austin, TX with long-time collaborator and part-time keyboardist Louie Lino.

Critcial acclaim for “Lucky”, Nada Surf’s fifth album, released in early 2008…

“chiming guitars, soaring strings, and Matthew Caw’s vulnerable vocals carry melodies akin to sun breaking through clouds… catchy and irresistible”

MOJO – 4 stars ****

“Richly melodic and hugely rewarding… Few songwriters can express the restlessness of the human spirit as well as Matthew Caws”

The Times – 4 Stars ****

“Lucky contains 11 songs of experience and melancholy, but every downbeat moment turns into something positive… An album to play loud and often”

The Guardian – 4 Stars ****

“a perfectly formed pop record… Beautiful Beat is the best song to have appeared this year… ‘Lucky’ is a perfect collection of songs with symphonic overtones”

Evening Standard – 4 Stars ****

“Nada Surf” have been making terrific, harmony-heavy pop for over a decade, and this is their finest album yet”

Nuts – 5 Stars ***** (album of the week)

“Jangly guitars, dreamy harmonies, doubt-shadowed lyrics: fans of this New York trio won’t feel betrayed by their fifth album”

The Independent – 4 Stars ****

“rock-orchestral grandeur… Nada Surf have the ambition and the chops to realise it… Another gem”

Uncut – 4 Stars ****

“Nada Surf simply get better and better…”

Metro – 4 Stars ****

“A combination of emotional immediacy and musical sophistication that brings to mind REM or Fleetwood Mac”

The Independent Music Mag – 4 Stars ****

“Nada Surf come from New York but their sound has the summery sheen of the west coast, all jangly guitars and swoonsome harmonies… the band deserves to break into the big league”

The Sun – 4 Stars ****

“Widescreen New York rock… an impressive album”


“Matthew Caws endearing vocals blend with wistful melodies and bouncy summertime vibes”

Rock Sound – 8/10

“Such is the band’s melodic power the sensation is like slipping into a warm bath rather than eavesdropping by the psychiatrist’s chair”



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