BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE : NEW SONG, ALBUM TITLE and COVER ART revealed… download the track for FREE below……

Broken Social Scene have announced the title of their new record… Released 3rd May, the band’s third album will be called “FORGIVENESS ROCK RECORD”… As a taster the band are giving away a new track – “World Sick” – on their website… Clocking in at almost 7 minutes, this is one epic sampler… You can download it here…

Produced by Tortoise’s John McEntire at Soma Studios in Chicago, with additional recording at Giant Studio and The Schvitz Studio in Toronto, “Forgiveness Rock Record” is the follow up to their acclaimed sophomore record, released in 2005. The album was written and arranged by the Canadian collective’s current line-up… Founders Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning, plus Justin Peroff, Charles Spearin, Andrew Whiteman, Sam Goldberg and Lisa Lobsinger. The album features guest turns by BSS alumni – Leslie Feist, Amy Millan and Evan Cranley (Stars), plus Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw of Metric. The record also includes contributions by The Sea and Cake’s Sam Prekop and Sebastian Grainger.

Broken Social Scene will be visiting Ireland for an Oxegen appearance.

Founded 10 years ago by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning, Broken Social Scene very quickly established themselves as one of the most vital voices in independent music. Assembled by Drew, and made up of an assortment of musical friends, lovers, and strangers, the band emerged fully-formed from their hometown of Toronto in 2002. They were an instantly engaging energetic entity: a tightly-knit community bursting at the seams with talent, personalities, incredible songs and many, many guitars. Their albums were cinematic, critically-acclaimed splashes of concept and melody, marrying a dizzying onslaught of sounds with finely-crafted choruses. The band’s ability to weave a plethora of voices, specific genre elements, and varied instrumentation into a brilliant postmodern aural pastiche launched them instantly onto the international stage. Live, their shows were notoriously epic, cathartic affairs, sometimes lasting over three hours. As a group, or on their own, Broken Social Scene’s members released some of the 00’s most notable independent albums, cementing their status as one of Canada’s most important musical exports.

With their new album, the first Broken Social Scene record following the Broken Social Scene Presents… series (which saw Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning each stretching their wings with very personal solo outings), Broken Social Scene decided it was time to try something new. As a core six-piece who had spent most of 2007 and 2008 on the road, Drew, Canning, Spearin, Whiteman, Goldberg and Peroff spent early 2009 working on new material in Toronto. The pairing down of the band’s massive personnel list for the first time proved extremely fruitful; they created spacious songs written as a band by a band, resulting in more cohesive, melody-driven compositions than previous BSS output. They then decamped to Chicago, recording outside of Toronto for the first time, which allowed them to fully immerse themselves in the recording process.  In producer John McEntire – a musical hero for many of the band’s members – they found a fresh perspective on their own sound; this continued to fuel the creative process, resulting in nearly 30 songs written in and out of the studio, a number of which were put together as the first new Broken Social Scene record in five years.

The new record is, like all Broken Social Scene albums, a record driven by love.


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