Introducing PEARLY GATE MUSIC.. the musical alias of Zach Tillman

“After nearly a decade of trying to be a decent, hard-working proletariat,” says ZACH TILLMAN, “I’ve taken up permanent residency on Deadbeat Street. And what better way to spend time there than home recording?”

Deadbeat?? Not on this evidence. The debut solo album named under his intriguing alias PEARLY GATE MUSIC is haunting, mysterious, elusive… Listening to Pearly Gate Music is like descending the rabbit warren. You don’t know where it will lead. The same as with music recommendations – one leads to another, and to another. In this case, Simon Raymonde at

Bella Union first heard Fleet Foxes, which introduced him to J.Tillman, the band’s drummer and solo artist, which then led to Josh’s younger brother Zach.

But Zach is a different species to his bro. While it’s a safe bet both appreciate Neil Young, and there are occasional moods that echo Fleet Foxes, at other times the ghost of Big Star floats up Along with a healthy dose of rock’n’roll classicism. For his part, Zach says his musical origins can be found in a love for Pavement’s Slanted And Enchanted, which steered him toward the Velvets and Neutral Milk Hotel, among others.

Album opener ‘Golden Funeral’ is perhaps the most spellbinding intro you’re likely to hear this year, with hushed, distant, hymnal sounding like they’re suspended in mid-air, though the mood quickly alters for the summery, happy-sad strumming of ‘Big Escape’… Later on, ‘Gossamer Hair’ mutates from tender ballad to a wracked splurge of energy, while the double vocals of ‘Oh, What A Time’ are pure Everly Brothers – no surprise to learn that it’s Zach and Josh together.

Surely one of 2010’s finest debuts, “Pearly Gate Music” is released 26th April on Bella Union records…


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