LAWRENCE ARABIA of BELLA UNION – Chant Darling will be released in early 2010!

Lawrence Arabia is the pseudonym of James Milne, born 1981 in Christchurch, New Zealand. James has already established a rich musical resume as a former member of The Brunettes, The Ruby Suns and one time touring member of Okkervil River. “Chant Darling”, his UK and Bella Union debut, is a modern pop masterpiece melding dryly witty lyricism with West Coast pop melodies and lush harmonies… Like a mutant hybrid of Jonathan Richman, The Beatles and Beach Boys…

Chant Darling” is in large part hewn from James’ gradual relocation to London. Recorded over 18 months in a studio in Stockholm, three flats in London, a garden shed in Port Chalmers, a car club in Wellington and a studio in Auckland, these ten songs provide a wonderful example of classic song-writing combining sugar hits of harmony, sweet melody and lavish orchestration that will set you reeling as the witty and sometimes forlorn tales of indolence, longing and romantic misadventure hit home.

For more information on Lawrence  Arabia check out his myspace here.


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