BEACH HOUSE return in 2010 with their third album “TEEN DREAM”, on Bella Union records!


Beach House return in January 2010 with “Teen Dream”, their third – and first classic – album, on Bella Union records.

The Beach House you’re about to meet isn’t the same as the one you’ll remember from before. Lives have been shuffled, tangled and re-aligned. When Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally returned home to their hometown of Baltimore last winter, they were worn out from touring and travel. But deep inside them hot energies were incubating, ideas they had been whispering back and forth in the wake of their sophomore full-length, 2008’s “Devotion”. By spring they began handing themselves over completely to these impulses, holing themselves up and exchanging ideas in a new, secluded practice space for dangerously long periods of time. As the songs that would become “Teen Dream” began to live, breathe and take shape, the duo were compelled to leave much of their personal lives behind them. “We were forced to let go of people and things we were holding onto as individuals” Legrand muses. “We were dropped into a wilderness, but we had more clarity than we’ve ever had before”.

Still driven to avoid distraction, the two marched further into isolation, deciding to bottle all those wild visions away from home. They packed up their lives and settled into a converted church in upstate New York with producer Chris Coady. For a month they continued the birthing process, sweating and pushing out sounds inside a cocoon of their very own weaving. They chased down songs and dark rushes, the creative telepathy that Scally and Legrand share together taking a strangely physical hold. “There’s a different level of intimacy, and physicality, on Teen Dream”, Legrand explains… “Rhythmically, there’s a new motion. This record touches you”.

“Teen Dream” is the sound of a band bursting at its creative seams. It is without question more expansive and moving than anything they have shared before. “Teen Dream” is released 25th January on Bella Union records. Beach House have recently signed to Sub Pop in the US.

Acclaim for Beach House…

“Beach House take up the opiated fuzz of dream-pop pioneers past – My Bloody Valentine, Galaxie 500, Spiritualized – then distil it and drizzle it over skeletal torch songs, deserted-ballroom waltzes and Motown soul choruses… Beach House are a beguiling beauty – a real vacation for the mind”


“Fans of Mazzy Star, Cat Power and Galaxie 500 need Beach House in their lives…”

The Fly – 4 Stars ****

“These are fabulously woozy melodies worth lingering over, infused with Legrand’s languorous vocals and pedal steel, while their retro keyboards are especially atmospheric… they should make you melt”
Metro – 4 Stars ****

“the Baltimore duo’s narco-pop drifts over lazy organs and twilight waltzes… A lush mix of sun and shade”The Independent – 4 stars ***

“Delicate, lovelorn pop”
Pitchforkmedia – 8.5/10

“a record of autumnal beauty, all golds and browns, which evokes with extraordinary vividness a picture of a seaside resort shutting up shop and preparing for less populous months to come… A great new find.”
Sunday Times

“evoking the autumnal hues of latter-day Yo La Tengo… a slice of unadulterated dream-pop joy”
Rock Sound – 8/10

“Drifting into view on waves of slide guitar and a chorus of dreamy harmonies, this is seductive music, built in Baltimore with love and care”

“a lovely, rewarding listening experience, transporting you a million miles from our frantic modern lives”
The Sun – 4 Stars ****

“should be the soundtrack to a misty French film… deeply atmospheric and stirring”
The Guardian – 4 stars ****

“To say this record elevates the band far above the swollen ranks of shuffling shoegazers currently doing the rounds is putting it mildly”
Drowned in Sound – 9/10

“Ever wondered how Nico might sound after a day’s sunbathing? Well, wonder no longer because the gorgeous debut album by Beach House gives you some idea…”
The Times

“Classic 60’s pop arrangements filtered through the fuzzy prism of a dream… All of it as high on charm as it is on lo fi”
“magical folk-pop from Franco-American duo. Recorded in Baltimore but haunted by opium dreams of Paris… there are exquisite moments here that recall Mazzy Star, Nico-era Velvets and even Radiohead.”

“like an album’s worth of Femme Fatales”

“Mellow, sunny and intimate… Nine tracks of soft focus music half sung / half whispered that sound like a late night transmission from the stars… broadcasting to Earth folks relaxing below a hazy late summer Sun”
Clash magazine

Teen Dream is released on  January 22nd 2010 on Bella Union Records!

For more information and news on Beach House check out their website here


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