Royal Bangs Release New Album “Let it Bleep” on 16th of November on City Slang Records.


Hot on the heels of their trailblazing debut, “We Breed Champions”, ROYAL BANGS return with their exhilarating sophomore album – “LET IT BEEP” – released 16 November on City Slang… One of the most original and thrilling US acts to emerge over the past few years, ROYAL BANGS are five electric gents from Knoxville, Tennessee… First picked up on by The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, who signed them to his Audio Eagle label in the US, ROYAL BANGS have been likened to “a collision between accelerated atomic particles of Radiohead and The Stooges”

“Let It Beep” was recorded in February at Tangerine Sound studios in Akron, Ohio and finds the band’s sound looking more than ever in two seemingly conflicting directions: an increased emphasis on the electronic – from syrup-thick synths to dance-based drum programming – coupled with earnest echoes of 70s rock legends like Springsteen and Thin Lizzy. But the core of their sound, rooted in classic indie rock and hook-heavy arrangements, embraces both tendencies without allowing them to diverge, and the result is an album that might be described as both challenging and accessible if “pure goddamn fun” weren’t around to cover both bases at once.

For more information and  tracks from Royal Bangs Check out their Official website here or their myspace here.


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