Emily Loizeau : second album “Pays Sauvage” released in October 2009 on Bella Union Records!


Emily Loizeau is no sedentary contemplative singer. Not for her the captive heart and cracked whisper of some Proustian maiden kept far from the world’s clamour. Emily tends more towards Rimbaud, Jack London and Kerouac. She expresses her taste for adventure and hazardous encounters musically with all the force of a tropical cyclone, and lyrically with the reflective delicacy of the bilingual child still living within her.

Following the success of her first album, particularly in her native France, Emily was afforded new freedoms and also a small house in a remote corner of the southern Ardèche region. It was to here that she chose to retreat to devise this most extravagant and generous of albums: open, irreverent and carried by the collective vibrations of an exultant band of revellers: all her friends were invited to join the party, bringing their instruments and temperament along.

Her influences have not changed, from Tom Waits to Nina Simone, via Dylan and Devandra Banhart, with a long pause on Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions. Emily’s dual nationality extends to her musical tastes and she remembers her French heritage, a childhood serenaded by Brassens, Barbara and Julien Clerc.

“Pays Sauvage” by Emily Loizeau is released 19th October on Bella Union records…

Check out new tracks on her myspace here.


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