The Dodos announce new album – Time To Die


The Dodos return this autumn with brilliant new album, ‘Time To Die’. The follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed sophomore effort ‘Visiter’, ‘Time To Die’ is the band’s third long player and produced by Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, The Shins, Built to Spill).

The Dodos’ wildly percussive style is still centred around the two key elements of punchy percussion courtesy of Logan Kroeber and the Fahey-infused finger-picking of frontman Meric Long, but ‘Time To Die’ introduces one major addition to the Dodos’ creative core: Keaton Snyder, a 21-year-old music school dropout who plays a mean vibraphone.

Tracklisting: Small Deaths / Longform / Fables / The Strums / This Is A Business / Two Medicines / Troll Nacht / Acorn Factory / A Time To Die

For more info on The Dodos check out their official website here.

Or listen to some awesome tunes on their myspace here.


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