Palermo Shooting OST featuring Grinderman, Bonnie Prince Billy, Portishead, Calexico, Beirut, Iron & Wine and more, released in July on City Slang.


Palermo Shooting” is the new feature film from legendary German film director Wim Wenders (“Paris Texas”, “Wings of Desire” etc)

The original soundtrack to “Palermo Shooting” reads like a who’s who of celebrated alternative artists and features many tracks recorded especially for the film. Wenders’ old friend Nick Cave appears twice with his band Grinderman who contribute two new tracks – “Dream (Song For Finn) and “Song For Frank” – while Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney recorded the sublime “Torn and Betrayed” for the film. Other artists to record original music for the film include Sibylle Baier, Irmin Schmidt, Get Well Soon and Thom.

The soundtrack also features tracks from acclaimed artists such as Portishead, Calexico, Beirut, Iron and Wine, Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man and The Velvet Underground

Palermo Shooting” is released in July on City Slang… Undoubtedly the essential soundtrack of 2009, no self-respecting musical aficionado will want to be without it…

See a trailer for the film here.


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