Soulsavers Announce New Album Details


SOULSAVERS return in August with “Broken”, their phenomenal 3rd album featuring MARK LANEGAN, JASON PIERCE, MIKE PATTON, RICHARD HAWLEY and more…

In 2007, when Soulsavers released their second opus “It’s Not How Far You Fall, It’s the Way You Land”, the collective’s leader RICH MACHIN explained what lay behind it. “I didn’t want to be in an electronic band. Or a rock’n’roll band. I wanted the freedom to explore.” Today, he reaffirms that position. “I love all kinds of music, which allows me to open all these doors. There’s nothing better than bringing in great people who inspire, to keep you on top of your game, and to keep things fresh. That’s the nature of what we’ve set up here.”

Soulsavers second album brilliantly melded soul, gospel, rock and country into a cinematic whole and was released to huge acclaim… “An album of such devotional beauty that even on first listen it creates an abundantly transcendent experience” went one review. “One listen to their spine-tingling second effort will have you ready to up sticks and follow them to the ends of the earth,” read another…

Now you must be prepared to follow SOULSAVERS even further, for “Broken” is even better, a future classic of immense ambition that delivers thirteen tracks of wide-ranging majesty. MARK LANEGAN fully consolidates his position within the Soulsavers project, delivering some of his finest vocal performances to date over the course of ten tracks, though numerous other leftfield luminaries also come along for the ride… Spritualized’s JASON PIERCE duets with Lanegan on “Pharaoh’s Chariot”, MIKE PATTON appears on “Unbalanced Pieces”, RICHARD HAWLEY adds backing vocals to “Shadows Fall”, while GIBBY HAYNES of BUTTHOLE SURFERS infamy appears alongside Lanegan on “Death Bells”…

But before all of this Soulsavers will be treating us to “Sunrise”, a lone-plains-drifter lament written by Mark Lanegan and sung by WILL OLDHAM which will be released exclusively as a 7” single. Returning the compliment, Lanegan takes on Oldham’s “You Will Miss Me When I Burn” on the B-side of the single.

Broken” is released 14th August 2009 on V2 / Cooperative Music.

Check out some new music here.


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