Telepathe announce new album – Dance Mother!


Telepathe’s debut full-length album, Dance Mother, will be released on January 23th on V2/Cooperative Music. Dance Mother sees Melissa Livaudais and Busy Gangnes, the creative pairing at the heart of Telepathe, move away from the jam band aesthetic of their previous groups, and further develop the layered, synthetic sound they began exploring on their Social Registry EP, “Farewell Forest”. Killer melodies, trance-inducing loops, drum-machine-driven experimentation, and Melissa and Busy’s haunting vocal interplay are Telepathe’s hallmarks.

Telepathe began the process of recording Dance Mother at Stay Gold Studios with TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek in December 2007. What were at that point just the beginnings of songs, comprised of analog synths, rudimentary beats, shards of guitars and their trademark off kilter vocal harmonies, soon gestated into the epic, accomplished collection that make up the final album. Access to Sitek’s vintage synthesizer collection, combined with deep electronic sub-bass lines influenced by hours of listening to dub-step, gave the duo’s homemade music making a new sonic purity and gave them the confidence and the stylistic singularity to transcend genres. The stuttering hip hop beats of “Chrome’s On It”, the funereal pop of “Can’t Stand It”, the propulsive techno of “Devil’s Trident” and the dark, driving electro pop of “So Fine” all link together by their staggering vocal melodies and intensely personal lyrics. Additionally, TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone and !!!’s Shannon Funchess provide guest vocals.

Finally completed in September 2008, after a period in which Telepathe have travelled to Europe, Australia and New Zealand based upon word of mouth alone, this long awaited full-length debut is a stunning achievement presenting dark but forward-thinking hybrid pop music for the next generation.

Telepathe’s “Chrome’s On It” EP, featuring remixes by Mad Decent, The Mae Shi, Free Blood (ex-!!!), Frankmusik and Bobby Evans (Brother Reade) was released earlier this month on IAMSOUND.  They also released a critically acclaimed 7″ of ‘Devil’s Trident’ on London’s key taste maker label Merok.  The band has been on the road as part of the Mad Decent tour with Diplo, Abe Vigoda and Boy 8-Bit.

Plenty of music photos and videos here on their myspace.

Video for So Fine on their website here.


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